Pest Control for Ants

Pest Control for Ants

Ants belong to the order of Hymenoptera, the same to which bees and wasps belong. To be honest, ants are liked by none of us. They are the tiny little creatures which create nothing but trouble. Although, ants hold ecological importance but none of us like them in our homes. Out of  4000 known species of ants in Australia, only a few species are considered as pests, which dwell in buildings and can spread diseases. That is why QUICK Pest Control Services in Melbourne, deal in such cases with our skilful pest control service for ants so that those little creatures can’t create nuisance in your life.


Ants usually live in warm climates and the places which have foodstuffs, so that they can feed themselves. They live in colonies, usually in permanent nests. As known, ants usually search for sugary stuff, but in fact, they feed on all kinds of foods, like fats or proteins or even dead bodies of other insects. It is a fact that if you get ant infestation anywhere once, they don’t leave the place easily. In such cases, QUICK’s pest control service for ants helps you to get rid of the problem and make sure that the issue would not return to you again. 


Usually, ants build their nest around the places they are likely to get food more often, and there they live in large colonies and make appearances there and then whenever they find any food item. To avoid such situations as much as possible, always take care to clean any foodstuff you have dropped, or clean the dishes before you go to bed, and always keep the vessel of something sweet or sugary in a water bath to restrain ants to reach it. And most importantly, if you have young kids and pets at home, always take care to immediately clean any foodstuff they drop or the food particles your pet drops while eating or the leftovers in its vessel. These are the attraction of ants which you do not bother much and are a  treat for them and the reason for their infestation. 


Restaurants and hotels are more likely to get ant infestations because of the fact that there is a lot of foodstuff present and also, they don’t have much time to pay attention to cleaning each moment as the people there are busy to serve their clients with the best on time. So for them, QUICK Pest Control South Yarra, not only serves residents but also provides commercial pest control service for ants in Melbourne


Signs of Ant Infestation at your place


If you are noticing a few ants around your place here and here, it may be a sign that a large colony of them is present somewhere around.


  • The first and foremost sign is their presence itself. If you see a trail of them marching around your food cabinets or dropped food particles, then you must get it that their nest has been somewhere around.
  • Some species of ants leave a pheromone trail to the food source as a sign of the presence of food to other ants.
  • Although ants nests are difficult to spot if you see a small pile of soil or dirt, in walls or in the floor joints, it is the sign of ant infestation at your home.



How to avoid ants?


  • The first and foremost thing is to ensure that ants do not get access to food at your place. You need to take care that none of the food containers are left open. 
  • Immediately clean any food particles dropped by you, your young kids or even your pets.
  • Always clean the hands of your kids after eating, especially something sweet.
  • Keep your pet’s vessel always clean.
  • Even after all the precautions, you see the ants marching around your place, clean the surface with vinegar or bleach to break the chemical trail left behind for other ants to attract.
  • Fill up all the cracks and holes at your place to prevent their nesting.
  • Ensure that the garbage bins at your place are tightly covered.
  • But even after all the cautions the issue is no more under your control, call for help to professional pest control for ants, like QUICK Pest Control South Yarra.



QUICK Pest Control’s Services for Ants


  • First of all, as you appoint us to serve you, our expert inspects the place, whether it is for residents or commercial place, and looks for the trails or nests to determine where their colonies are nurturing.
  • Then the expert team identifies the species of the ants and then takes the best controlling measures accordingly. 
  • We directly target the nests as it is the best method to destroy their whole colony at once.
  • After this, we also treat the surfaces where the ants were most commonly found through chemical sprays to destroy their chemical trail.
  • As an after-service, our experts visit your place to ensure that the issue is resolved.


We serve the entire Melbourne with our best and affordable pest control services within minutes of appointing us and we provide same day pest control services with complete customer satisfaction. We are here to help you 24*7 and 12 months in a year. We pay special attention to using eco-friendly and safe chemicals which neither harm the environment nor your kids or older people. We have been delivering the best from quite a while now and ensure you that you won’t regret your choice of appointing us. You can call us on 0474234350 and book a service now with QUICK Pest Control.

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