Pest Control for Flea

Pest Control for Flea

You might think that fleas don’t bite humans so maybe you are not that much threatened to them, but that is not true. They feast upon dogs and cats and can make your home infectious. Like all other pests, they shed their skin and feces, which can be harmful to you and your family. Quick Pest Control Services taking account of each and every detail pay attention to providing the best Flea Control Services in Melbourne, so that you, your family or even your employees breathe in the most hygienic and healthy environment.

Even while serving entire Australia, we take special care to provide our services to every client who asked it for. Taking account of today’s scenario of deadly viruses around us, we leave no stone unturned to provide you with the safest environment to live in. 

Owning a pet increases the chances of flea infestation. If your pet is scratching itself, there you can spot it and must immediately call for our flea control Melbourne services. Fleas can cause you skin problems as they are carriers of so many diseases. Even if you aren’t a pet owner, fleas can enter your estate through any fabric or fur and fleas are quick inbreeding, they rapidly multiply themselves and can create a nuisance for you and your family. 

Crawling of fleas on your skin can cause you severe allergic reactions, moreover, they can live for more than 100 days without a host, so you need to take the matter seriously. Although, regular cleaning and vacuuming can reduce the risk to a great extent you can’t be sure whether it has left your house or not. To be completely sure that you and your family are completely safe, you can avail our flea control services


Allergies carried through fleas can have reactions like itching or swelling and a rash will appear around the affected area, and scratching the wound can lead to further serious infections. Although, humans are not the first choice for them to feed upon if they don’t find any other host and they bite you then flea bites can carry serious diseases also like plague, typhus and fever. In Australia, Quick Pest Control Craigieburn Services take utmost care of the harm any pests or rodents can cause and that is why we take us every service seriously and try to provide you with the best outcome so that you can faithfully give the responsibility of the safety of your family in our hands, and we do everything to keep that trust.

The risk from Flea Infestation

As we know, fleas feed on pets and pets are the best companion of humans. They are dependent on us for their care. Also, we can’t completely stop flea infestation on them as they can’t always remain indoors and want to go outside just like us. They may get fleas from outside, from a stray animal even if they don’t come in contact with them as fleas can jump over to a good height or they can get them by just rolling in the grass. To avoid this, you need to get them checked from time to time. But, to keep your home safe from flea infestation, you need to get flea control services every once in a while.

However, fleas don’t bite humans, but thinking of rare case, they can be dangerous to you in the following ways:

  • Their bite reaction can lead to trouble in breathing, swelling of face, mouth, hands and lips. 
  • As pets are more prone to fleas, they might even get tapeworms and likewise, humans may get them from pets.
  • Anemia is another problem accused by a flea infestation in cats and this may get serious if not treated well. 
  • Frequent itchiness in p[ets due to fleas can even lead to pus bumps, which can even result in hair loss.
  • Fleas are the carriers of serious diseases like the plague when they infest on rats and can transfer it to humans. 

How to prevent flea infestation?

  • Regular vacuuming of your rooms, carpets, floor cracks and furnishings should be done.
  • Create the temperature above 50° celsius while cleaning the bedding of your pets and do the job every once in a week.
  • Clean the fur of your pet regularly and trim them regularly to keep them safe.
  • Get your pets checked at a veterinary every once in a while to avoid the risk.
  • While you vacuum your houses, make sure you dispose of the vacuum packets outside and away from your house, so that you can prevent the risk as much as possible.
  • Use DIYs to treat flea infestation on your pets. Like use apple cider vinegar and water spray on your pet's fur, this will make the fleas jump off them. 
  • You can also use Diatomaceous Earth, which is a harmless, effective non-chemical treatment, kills fleas by dehydrating their bodies and destroying them eventually.
  • If the problem persists in any case, make sure to get them checked by a veterinarian.

After this, now to make your home fleas free, you can hire professionals like Quick Pest Control Craigieburn Services in Melbourne to provide you with the best Flea Control Melbourne Services in the area at most reasonable prices.

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