Pest Control for Rats

Pest Control for Rats

Rats are connected to human habitat and have been around us since ages. They are the reason behind so many deadly diseases in human history. The Center for Disease Control has listed down a dozen diseases produced by rats. There is no doubt that they create nuisance, irritation, odour and mess. You can’t eliminate them from the world but we can adapt a few safety measures to avoid their occurrence around us. In the case of their infestation, you can contact professional pest control services for rats to get rid of them. 

In Melbourne, you can contact QUICK Pest Control Hoppers Crossing Services, we are the best in the market for our amazing pest control services. Rats are a serious problem to humans, even few people are so phobic to rats and get terrified when they catch sight of any. They can be severely dangerous especially to the people who are sensitive to diseases or have low immunity. They can cause diseases like hantavirus, leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV), Tularemia and Salmonella which can be really dangerous and even deadly sometimes. 

Rats can multiply themselves really quickly and they contaminate the food and cause damage like, they can chew your clothes, floor joints, furnishings and even walls. They can even damage your home insulation and can even be the cause behind accidents like short circuits as they chew the wires cables. They can even weaken the concrete structures by undermining them through their burrowing activity, which can be the reason behind serious accidents.

Signs of Rat Infestation

  • Damage: Rats’ teeth grow continuously, so they need to chew wood, plastic and even steel to trim them and keep them short. Some cases have been encountered where rats have even chewed up the wires and became the reason behind fires. You can even notice their teeth markings as they contaminate the food even through packets and containers.
  • Noises: As it is pretty much silent at night, you can hear there scratching and moving noises from behind the cupboards and even your roof as black rats can easily climb into the loft spaces. 
  • Marks: As rats move through dirty and greasy areas, in order to hide away, they leave the dirt and grease marks on the objects and the areas they move through as they repeatedly brush their bodies through these surfaces. These marks can be easily spotted at the places of their regular activity.
  • Even if you are just doubtful of rat infestation at your place, you can just track their footprints by sprinkling fine flour or talcum powder and check for the footprints the very next day.
  • Droppings: Usually, rats produce up to 40 droppings per night. You can easily find them in the morning at the areas of concentrated rat infestation. They are dark brown in colour and resemble a large grain of rice. 

How to get rid of rats?

Rats can really affect your health and your business reputation if they get into your place. The worst thing is that they breed rapidly, which is why you need to get rid of them as soon as possible. Once, you get rat infestation at your place you might need professional help from an efficient and experienced pest control firm, but there are few safety measures you can adapt to avoid rat infestation at your place as much as possible:

Clean it up:

To keep your place clean is the best way you can adapt to make your place less attractive to rats. Make sure to vacuum each corner regularly so that they don’t find any secure and undisturbed place into your estate.

Keep it covered:

Rats can easily gnaw the plastic surfaces, so make sure you keep all the foodstuff stored and covered into metal and glass containers. Keep the garbage bins always covered, so that they cannot feed onto the waste.

Proof your estate:

Proofing your estate will not let them find any secure place for them to breed at your place, which will eventually make your estate less attractive to them.

Our Pest Control Service for Rats

  • QUICK Pest Control Hoppers Crossing has the team of licensed and experienced pest controllers, who are known for providing the best pest control services in the entire Melbourne.
  • We focus to educate our clients so that they can deal with the pest problems at their level also and can save their time and money.
  • Our pest treatments are child and pet safe and they are safe to the people with respiratory problems.
  • We always prioritise the use of environmentally safe chemicals, solvents and techniques so that we don’t overlook the environment in the rush of doing our job.
  • Our services are really fast and quick, you will find us on your doorstep within minutes of appointing us.
  • We provide an after a visit to your place to check whether our services were effective or we need to go for a higher-level technique.


You can book an appointment with us, we promise to not disappoint you and serve you with the best. You can avail our 24*7 emergency services, we are working 12 months in a year irrespective of the public holidays, so feel free to reach us anytime.

What Services do we offer?

We provide you with effective, reliable and innovative pest control solutions to commercial and residential properties in Melbourne. Our skilful team provides property, building, and pest inspection, and pest control services throughout Melbourne. We make sure that you live in complete safety and comfort.




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