Silverfish Pest Control Service

Silverfish Pest Control Service

A silverfish is a wingless insect, which is a complete nuisance. They usually feed on books, photographs, paintings, plaster, and other items containing starch and cellulose. Their diet mostly consists of carbohydrates and sugary stuff. They are mostly found in dark and damp areas such as kitchen, bathroom, basements, and attics. Eliminating them is not so easy, if the things get out of control you may need help from a professional silverfish pest control service.

Silverfish is named so because of its fish-like appearance, metallic shine, and wiggling movement. They are also called fish moths and carpet sharks. If present in small numbers silverfish is not a problem, you can easily get rid of it, but to get rid of a large infestation, you need professional help from a trusted pest control firm. QUICK Pest Control in Melbourne is known for its amazing pest control services including effective silverfish pest control.


How Silverfish Infestation can be dangerous for you?

You can’t chase these creepy insects as they fly quite fastly and hide into crevices and cracks. You may even hurt yourself while chasing them, so it is better to call for help from a trained pest control team.

  • It is a bit difficult to look for them because of their white shiny appearance, also like any other pest they come out at night and hide into small places and spaces.
  • They feed on carbohydrates, starch, yarn, glue, book bindings, paper, paintings, wallpaper, and food in your pantries.
  • Disowned silverfish skin causes irritation in human beings.
  • Also, they build small holes into the materials they bite onto and stain them yellow.
  • Their presence in the property can cause asthma to people with sensitive respiratory systems.
  • Insects like spiders and cockroaches feed onto them so they attract other pests to your property also.


Signs of Silverfish Infestation

However, it is difficult to spot a silverfish at your home because of their appearance and their ability to fly quickly and it may be possible that they are present in abundance in the cracks and crevices. Here are a few signs which can indicate to you about their infestation at your estate:

  • The Yellow Stains: Whatever silverfish feeds on, it turns it yellow. So if you see yellow stains on your wallpaper, papers, paintings, etc. it is a sign of their infestation. 
  • Holes: Silverfish also creates holes in whatever it feeds upon, food packets, papers, wallpaper. The presence of these holes indicates their presence.
  • Look for their hiding places: Once you are doubtful about their infestation at your place try looking in cardboard boxes, magazines, book bindings, etc. you can get to know about their infestation at these places.
  • Droppings: The discarded skin and feces of a silverfish look like pepper. If you spot them, it is a sign that your property is infested by silverfish infestation.
  • Check your clothes: Silverfish feed onto cotton, silk, and linen. So check your closet if you see any holes on your clothes, your closet may contain them in abundance.


How to avoid Silverfish Infestation?

  • Store food in airtight containers: Silverfish feed on carbohydrates and starch, so you must store your food in air sealed containers
  • Evade Moisture: Silverfish are attracted to a humid environment. To prevent moisture from entering your estate as much as possible. Check for leakage in your property and stop it. Maintain a proper ventilation system at your property. Avoid accumulation of water anywhere at your place.
  • Allow sunlight to enter your property: Expose your place to sunlight, to evade moisture and dry out the things.
  • Keep your bookshelves in check: Always keep your bookshelf clean and check for any infestation from time to time.


Methods which can be used for Controlling Silverfish

Pro-Active Silverfish Control Spray:

Spray the chemical in the areas where silverfish infestation can be found. Keep children, pets, and older people away from the place. Let the chemical dry out completely. Spray it every month to make sure there are none left.

Use Dust:

Use dust at the places where silverfish are likely to hide, such as behind ovens, refrigerators, electronic outlets, attic insulation, etc.

Cypher WP: 

It is a wettable powder, which is visible on dark surfaces. Spray it on the entry points of the silverfish.

Use Baits: 

Baits for silverfish attracts them. They eat them and die quickly. You can use them to eradicate silverfish from your property.


The above methods are helpful in eradicating silverfish from your property effectively. However, if things are out of your control, we are always there to help you. Just give us a call on 0406901484, our expert team will reach at your door within minutes of you booking an appointment with us. We work 24*7 and 12 months in a year without a day off to help you with all kinds of pest control Dandenong services in Melbourne and ensure everyone’s safety and health. 


Our pest control Dandenong services are affordable and reasonable and suit your pockets, as we make sure that everyone can afford it and live a healthy life. We provide emergency pest control and same day pest control services to save your time and money.


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