Spiders Pest Control

Spiders Pest Control

Australia has a high number of venomous spiders, of which few of them are considered deadly. These bites can be extremely painful and also are linked with deaths in historical records. Spiders usually look for warm and dark places, where human activity is really less. Spider webs are most likely to be found places like air vents, in-wall cracks or in the corners of your estate. They can be a complete nuisance to you and can be dangerous for you and your family. It can be risky to deal with them yourself without any professional help, as it can be hard to completely uproot them from your place. They are fast and while you destroy their web, they will sneak out and move to other places around your estate. 

It is always better to hire the best professional for spider pest control in your area. In Melbourne, QUICK Pest Control Altona is considered as the best for the amazing pest control services. It is not that spiders look for residential places to infest, they are also found at business or commercial places, which is why QUICK Pest Control also provides commercial pest control for spiders. There are different species of spiders around Australia and different procedures are carried out for their removal according to the species.

Spiders which are normally found in Melbourne are redback spider, white-tail spider, black house spider and huntsman spider etc. Pests like spiders don’t come into notice early until you come across any of their webs, so how to recognise a spider infestation at your place:

Signs of Spider Infestation at your place

  • Spider webs: The first and foremost thing you will notice are the spider webs around your place. As you notice even one of them, you must get that there might be more, as they multiply themselves quickly.
  • More pests at your place: If you are noticing a lot of bugs and insects at your place, this is a sign that spiders also might be infesting at your place as they feed on these insects and bugs. In such a situation, spider webs are more likely to be seen around the areas of light at your property as these places are easier for them to find their prey. This happens especially around the rainy season.
  • Spider Egg Sacs: If you notice egg sacs around your property that is another sign that there is a good amount of spider infestation happening at your home as spiders lay hundreds of eggs at once, wrapped in egg sacs. This is the best time to call for spider removal experts for help.
  • Spotting Spiders: Apart from all these signs, spotting spiders itself around your property is an absolute sign. As soon as you notice them, call for professional help for spider control. Also, it is recommended not to take any step yourself without complete knowledge, a few species can be dangerous and venomous too and can cause you harm. 

How to avoid Spider Infestation as much as possible

  • Remove all of the webs you spot: If you notice spider webs at your place, remove them as soon as you notice them. This tip would not uproot them from your place completely, but it will make them find a new place every time and decrease their infestation.
  • Vacuum Oftenly: Vacuum your house regularly, but also pay attention to narrow and warm places, where you are most likely to get their infestation like behind the cupboard, beneath your furniture and other hidden places.
  • Get rid of other pests: Spiders feed on other bugs and insects, make sure your place is free from other pests so that they don’t find any prey at your place. For this purpose, you can get professional pest control services from QUICK Pest Control for all kinds of pest control.
  • Use different lightings: You can install sodium or yellow vapour light bulbs for your outside lighting which do not attract the bugs and insects, for spiders to prey upon.

Why choose QUICK Pest Control Altona?

1. Same day pest control services:

We provide emergency or same day pest control services for almost all kinds of pests so that you don’t even need to spend 1 more night with pests at your place.

2. Free site survey:

When you reach out for our services, our expert visits your place for surveying about the species of the pest and which treatment should be carried out for its removal.

3. Installation of traps:

We install traps in areas where they are more likely to infest for sheltering, foraging or seeking mates.

4. Strategic treatment:

Our targeted treatments include web clearing techniques, heat treatment, eggs removal treatment, insecticidal sprays and insecticidal fogging etc.

5. Budget-Friendly services:

We provide budget-friendly services so that everyone can avail them and we can ensure the safety of you and your family.

6. Expert and licensed professionals:

QUICK Pest Control has the team of expert and licensed pest control professionals, who have been working in the field for a couple of years and are experienced to handle almost any situation.

7. Use of legal and safe sprays and equipment:

We ensure your safety from every angle and take care that the chemicals and equipment used by us are legal by the Australian government and are safe to you and the environment.


Quick Pest Control in Melbourne serves you 24*7 and 12 months in a year without any holiday, to ensure that you and your family are safe and healthy. You can contact us at any time of the day for our pest control services for spiders or even general pest control services. We make sure to show up in minutes of booking an appointment with us. After our service, we pay professional visits to your place as an after service to ensure that our treatments have uprooted the pests and ave prevented them from future infestation for a long time.

What Services do we offer?

We provide you with effective, reliable and innovative pest control solutions to commercial and residential properties in Melbourne. Our skilful team provides property, building, and pest inspection, and pest control services throughout Melbourne. We make sure that you live in complete safety and comfort.



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